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Jayme is the person I go to any time I need design help! Her aesthetic is so timeless, clean & fresh. I had been struggling with my living room design for years…when Jayme looked at it, she instantly came up with a layout that I had never even thought of. It is absolutely perfect for the function I needed.

Jayme has such a passion for design & it shows in her work! She’s a joy to work with, always listening & willing to lend a helping hand.

– Elise K.

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I was so thrilled Jayme was recommended to me by my realtor. She has the ” vision” that I certainly do not, and she was able to stage our home by bringing in a lot of neutral pieces, and rearranging what we already have!

Jayme worked her magic before our listing photos and open house, and we had a lot of feedback that this home looked “move in ready.” I honestly loved what she did, it was hard to take it all away once we sold! Our agent also told me we sold our home for one of the top prices for our floor plan in our community, and with little to no upgrades, I was thrilled!

– Pebbles W.

Buying a new build is definitely exciting, but so daunting when you think about a clean slate. At first we hired Jayme just to help us at the design center, picking out finishes / colors / hardward, etc.

Once we realized we were going all-in on a fresh start, we had Jayme come in and design all our bedroom spaces.

Jayme sent beautiful flat lay designs of each space, so we could really see it all come together.

Whenever anyone comes over, they ask so many questions about the curated items in my home and how great it looks, I tell them “yes, that’s because I hired someone that knows what they’re doing!”

Seriously, I feel like I finally have a home that I’m so proud of and that’s all thanks to the magical eye and work put in by Jayme.

Robyn G.

Laine Interiors

Laine Interiors is a full-service interior design firm based in Gilbert, Arizona founded by Jayme Hall.

We serve clients worldwide with services ranging from interior design, new home build help, sourcing and staging, to full-scale renovations.